Human Anatomy

The following gives a list of the courses offered in the department of Anatomy for the award of a Bachelors degree

100 Level Courses

Course Code Course Title
First Semester
BIO 101 General Biology I
BIO 103 General Biology Practical I
CHE 101 General Chemistry I
CHE 103 Experimental Chemistry I
PHY 101 General Physics
PHY 107 General Physics Lab I
CSC 101 Introduction to Computer Science
MTS 101 Introductory Mathematics I
MEE 101 Engineering Drawing I
GNS 101 Use of English I
GNS 103 Information Literacy
Second Semester
BIO 102 General Biology II
BIO 104 General Biology Practical II
CHM 102 General Chemistry II
CHE 104 Experimental Chemistry II
PHY 102 General Physics II
PHY 108 General Physics Laboratory II
CSC 102 Introduction to Computing
MTS 102 Introductory Mathematics II
GNS 102 Use of English II
GNS 106 Logic and Philosophy

200 Level Courses

Course Code Course Title
First Semester
ANA 201 Introduction to Anatomy
ANA 203 Gross Anatomy of the Upper Limbs
ANA 205 Gross Anatomy of the Lower Limbs
ANA 207 General Histology
ANA 209 General Embryology
PHS 201 Introductory and General Physiology
PHS 205 Nerve and Muscle Physiology
BCH 201 General Biochemistry of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins
CSC 201 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSP 201 General Agriculture
GNS 201 Man and His Environment
Second Semester
ANA 202 Gross Anatomy of Thorax and Abdomen
ANA 204 Systemic Histology (Organology)
ANA 206 Systemic Embryology (Organogenesis)
ANA 208 Human Genetics and Cytogenetics Techniques
PHS 202 Cardiovascular Physiology
PHS 204 Respiratory Physiology
BCH 202 General Metabolism of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Proteins
STA 224 Statistics for Biological and Agricultural Students
CSP 210 General Agriculture (Practical)

300 Level Courses

Course Code Course Title
First Semester
ANA 301 Gross Anatomy of Pelvis and Perineum
ANA 303 Systemic Histology of the Urogenital System
ANA 305 Systemic Embryology of the Urogenital System
ANA 307 Microscopy and Histological Techniques
ANA 309 Cell and Molecular Biology
ANA 311 Basic Histopathology
ANA 313 Students’ Work Experience Programme I (SWEP I) Assessed by FUTA Supervisor
ANA 315 Histochemistry, Cytochemistry and Immunohistochemistry
ANA 317 Research Methodology and Research Ethics
PHS 303 Pharmacology I
EMT 301 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Second Semester
ANA 302 Gross Anatomy of Head and Neck
ANA 304 Histology of Special Sense and Neurohistology
ANA 306 Neuroembryology and Development of Pharyngeal Apparatus
ANA 308 Neuroanatomy
ANA 310 Reproductive Techniques and Teratology
PHS 304 Pharmacology II
PHS 312 Enzymes in Clinical Diagnosis
PHS 314 Neurophysiology I
EMT 302 Practical Skills in Entrepreneurship

400 Level Courses

Course Code Course Title
First Semester
ANA 401 Radiological and Applied Anatomy
ANA 403 Surface and Living Anatomy
ANA 405 Introduction to Anthropology, Anthropometry and Archeology
ANA 407 Animal Management and Comparative Mammalian Anatomy
ANA 409 Biometry and Human Growth
ANA 411 Students’ Work Experience Programme II (SWEP II) Assessed by FUTA Supervisor
ANA 499 Final Year Student’s Project
Second Semester
ANA 400 Seminar
ANA 402 Introduction to Forensic Science
ANA 404 Museum Techniques
ANA 406 Mortuary Science and Funeral Directing
ANA 408 Basic Prosthetics
ANA 410 Sports Anatomy and Biomechanics